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The World's largest academic consulting agency.

GLOBAL ARCUS is world’s largest academic consultancy, a promising brand which has established itself as the No.1 in the international market with its good will and faith of 1000s of students who are benefitting through our scholarship programs.

We provide full assistance throughout the admission process: counselling students in their home countries, liaising with the Indian embassy to expedite student visas, providing online money transfer platforms that make money transfer an effortless process. Global Arcus also provides complimentary flight tickets to any international students visiting India.

Global Arcus is committed to fulfil the dream of aspiring students to get quality education by providing them intriguing scholarship programs in India’s top universities. Our students take advantage of the many distinctive courses that our colleges provide for them which helps them to choose a career of their dreams.

Meet the Founder

Our founder and CEO Mr. Sachin Shekhar, witnessed the vision of providing world class education to every aspiring student. An entrepreneur and a philanthropist, having a kindly generous disposition, who has devoted 12 years of his life in the field of education securing the faith of African students by providing them unprecedented opportunities. An enlightened scholar himself, he knew the power of education; has been on a mission to impart this strength to the youth ensuring a better tomorrow for all.

Mr. Sachin Shekhar is a dedicated humanitarian aid worker with a passion for helping people in need. He has traveled to 50 out of 54 African countries and has worked with local organizations, schools, and government bodies to recruit students to study in India's top-ranked universities and establish sustainable education programs. Despite encountering the many challenges faced by Africa's disadvantaged communities, Sachin remains deeply committed to his work and to improving the lives of those he encounters on his journeys. He is an inspiration to many and also shares his experiences and knowledge through publishing books, serving as a testament to the power of one person to make a positive difference in the world through acts of kindness and compassion.

And the world is taking notice

At Global Arcus, we are proud to be at the forefront of leading organizations and media outlets, or the testimonials of those we have helped. Embassies of all the African countries thrive to provide their students under Global Arcus. As the first organization in the world to launch a pan Africa magazine, we take pride in being a pioneer in partnering with the media house of Africa, raising awareness, and promoting the diverse cultures and advancements of the African continent. Whether it's through the recognition of our work or efforts that the world is taking notice of Global Arcus and the positive impact we are making.

Work at a company you're proud of

Global Arcus believes that workplace should be a place where you grow and prosper individually along with our growth. Our work culture is conducive enough for employees to thrive and at the same time it is competitive enough for you to challenge yourself to bring the best in you. If you are interested to be a part of our team, send in your resumes at hr@globalarcus.com and seize the opportunity to work with the best in business. Consider this opportunity for career growth in the international market and work for a company that aligns with your personal values and has a mission that inspires you.

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