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Why India


The Indian Education system is the world's third largest Higher Education System with more than 800 universities, 39,000 colleges and a capacity of enrolling more than a whopping 20 million students. Higher Education Institutions in India offer courses/degrees that are competitive in the world market in terms of quality but are delivered at one fourth the cost, hence guaranteeing value-for-money education.

The Indian Education system is vast in size, as well as its academic offerings. A vibrant and diverse education system means a wide variety of courses are available -- from the modern and cutting edge to the traditional. Indian education ranges from exposure to the latest advancements of science and technology like Virtual and Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing to Yoga, Ayurveda, Sanskrit and classical dances.

This vastness of the Indian education system directly translates to enhanced opportunities for its students and global learning for an all-round academic and personal development.


India offers a different aspect of her personality-exotic, extravagant, elegant, and eclectic -- to each traveler. A melting pot of cultures and traditions, the cities and architecture are steeped in history and heritage. You could explore lush beaches, rich wildlife, mountainous terrain, temples, monuments and heritage during vacation from the serious pursuit of education offered in universities.

India has incredible diversity, be it terrains, regions, cultures, languages, or simply, the way of life. Every region offers unique food to savour and culture to experience!

Indian festivals are an integral part of its culture. India's multicultural and secularism is manifested by its many festivals celebrated across cultures and religions from Diwali, Holi to Eid and Christmas.

From the Great Himalayas in the North to the rocks of Kanyakumari, from the great Rann of Kutch in the West to the abode of clouds in the East and the holy Ganges, India is the place to visit, for the inquisitive and spiritually-hungry traveller.


India is the seventh-largest and is set to become, demographically the youngest nation in the world by 2030. With 22 official languages, religions such as hinduism, islam, sikhism, buddhism, jainism and christianity India truly embodies the spirit of unity in diversity! The country, its people, art, culture, heritage and the education system blends tradition and modernity seamlessly.

India believes in "Vasudhaivakutumbakam" (the world is a family). A secular nation, tolerant of each other's beliefs, customs and values it celebrates diwali (hindu festival of lights), eid (islamic religious festival) and christmas (birth of jesuschrist) among others with equal fervor.